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4 responses to “Welcome!

  • James Patrick Lynch

    Hello, Robert. I am in the middle of “Wrathfull Skies,” and am curious about where you learned the ins and outs of the aircraft and operations you write about. Pretty accurate.

    • robertlassen

      Thanks, James. I hope you’re enjoying the book as well as finding it accurate! As for that, well, eleven years and counting as a Royal Air Force officer helps, but I’m not a pilot so that’s not the whole story. I’ve been a military aviation buff since a young age and borderline obsessed with the De Havilland Mosquito since I was about 8. I did a lot of research – Mosquito and Spitfire pilots’ memoirs, in particular, but also on ops, German defences, aircraft, Churchill etc. I’ve also had the pleasure of spending a fair bit of time with WW2 veterans, including Sqn Ldr Ian Blair, a 94-year old Spitfire pilot. Writing his memoirs for him is an ongoing side project, and I’m rather hoping to them have done in 2014. Oddly enough, in all my research and study, I never did find any reference to vampires flying Spitfires for the RAF, but I’ll keep looking…in the meantime, please enjoy the book!

      • James Patrick Lynch

        Thank you for your kind reply Robert. We have some things in common. I served in the Pacific Theater from 1944 to 1945. At the time I was aircrew, sat in the back seat of patrol planes, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. I later became a pilot as a civilian, and flew for around twenty years or so.
        I am enjoying the book and will give a book review to a book club in about a month. It is a modest club, but I will enjoy that.
        Again, I appreciate your answer.

      • robertlassen

        No, thank you, James! Are you in Nevada? If so, I’m sorry I left before I got the chance to meet and chat with you. I hope you continue to find it enjoyable AND accurate!

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