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Judging A Book By Its Cover

Wrathful Skies Online VersionEveryone has read a book where the cover promised the Earth, and the story just couldn’t live up to it.  What about the flip side, though? What about books that looked truly awful, but turned out to be fantastic?  I’m guessing most people have read less of those, because let’s be honest, when you pick up a novel in a bookstore or a library and your first reaction is to vomit blood and pray for death…well, chances are you won’t buy that book, and you will never know if it was a hidden masterpiece or not. 

Naturally I hope Wrathful Skies will be hailed as an instant classic, be loved by generations to come, and generally sell enough copies for me to buy the Moon…but if it isn’t, it certainly won’t be because of the cover art.  I really can’t overstate how pleased I am with it.  The artist?  Lars Grant-West, who in addition to being a renowned fantasy artist and all-round top bloke, also did fantastic work on several other books from the stable of writers at III – I recommend a visit to to see for yourself.  In a few weeks time I’ll be having a drink with Lars at San Diego Comic Con, and I will definitely be buying. 

Cheers, Lars!