Mage of the Teir`Dal – An Everquest Next Lore Novella

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that I am one of a handful of writers working on Everquest Next lore for Sony Online Entertainment. It’s a huge honour, and in an industry where rejection letters (polite or otherwise) can sometimes seem the norm, it’s always wonderful to get that sort of validation of your writing! About three months ago, SOE published the first story, The Fall of Bastion, and it got some pretty nice reviews. Yesterday they released my prequel, Mage of the Teir`Dal, and hopefully the EQ Next fanbase will appreciate it too! As with all the lore novellas, it’s available for free download as an e-book from their website. Both my stories are roughly 20,000 words, but there’s a few shorter pieces in there too from the near-legendary Maxwell Alexander Drake. Enjoy!

Mage of the Teir'Dal

9 responses to “Mage of the Teir`Dal – An Everquest Next Lore Novella

  • Elizabeth Braddock

    Oh wow! Read your story last night! I hope you are going to help SoE write the in-game lore and quests. If you do, this game will be so exciting! I am buzzed but know its years away but I hope you will be involved with the in-game history writing as well!

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    • robertlassen

      Many, many thanks for the kind words! I’m hoping SOE keep throwing work my way – I love writing in the EQ world, and they’re a great company to be involved with. It would be awesome to be involved in writing in-game quests. I’m currently working on the third and final part of the Coralen Larkos trilogy, for release early next year. It will be sad to say goodbye to him, but I guess writing “The Fall of Bastion” first got everybody used to that idea. Of course, there’s always the chance that a certain former Arch Mage will turn up in the game…I have no idea if that’s what SOE plan, but it would be great to see it!

      Thanks again…RL.

  • p.k.t

    Excellent work! Burned through both stories much too quickly!

    I’m looking forward to your future work on eq lore…. immediately!

    Indeed, keep up the good work.


  • Drew Silvis

    Just finished Mage of The TD. I really enjoyed getting to know Mr. Larkos. I look forward to more stories about him. Thanks again for your efforts.

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