The last thing Geoff expected to hear was the sound of his wife exploding…

Yep, it’s “new free short story” time again! This one, Geoff, comes from March 2000 and has a fun (if short) “story behind the story” to follow – but I’ll leave that for a few days to give you a chance to read the story itself. You’ll probably only need five minutes, mind – it’s VERY short – but it’s fun, and silly, and I learned at least one valuable lesson writing it. Putting the Cat Out and Another are also still available if you haven’t seen them – just click on the menu for Short Stories – and as with those stories, I’ve resisted the urge to make any edits to reflect changes in my style over the last fourteen years. Basically, what you see is what you got (back in 2000)! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and join me again in three of four days for the story behind the silliness…

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