Monthly Archives: November 2014

Missing: Thirty-Something Author

It’s been a busy few months. That’s about the best excuse I can come up for the ridiculous gap between posts! What have you missed? Well, there was The Arch Mage, Part Two, naturally. And there was The Razor’s Edge. Both of those EQ Next stories can be found through the links on the right – free as always. I did a bit of work on a fantasy project that didn’t quite work out, but took a bit more time than I’d expected – wasted time, as it turned out, but all good practice (so they tell me). And I’ve begun working in earnest on the sequel to Wrathful Skies. Over the next few months my schedule is going to allow me a bit more flexibility and writing time than usual, and I’m hoping that will translate to a blast of creative production…though with another EQN story on the way and more in the pipeline, new material is guaranteed no matter how “busy” I get with other stuff!Razor's Edge Cover