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No Poetry In Death

So, it’s been out for a little while now, but No Poetry In Death is probably my favourite of the stories I’ve written for Everquest Next so far – I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. Normally I finish a story, whether it’s a five thousand word short or a novel, and no matter how much editing I do, there’s always the nagging doubts. Could it have been better? Is it ANY good? Is it too late to burn it and pretend nothing ever happened? Part of that is down to the way stories tend to develop a bit of a mind of their own as you write, and end up taking you down some alleyways that may lead to greatness, but more often and not lead to dead ends. With No Poetry In Death, the story came out more or less as I’d originally planned…so while that’s not to say it couldn’t be better, it was enough for me to be able to send it on its way and get started on the next one. More on that soon, but if you haven’t checked this one out, just click on the cover image – and thanks to everyone out there who’s given me an always welcome pat on the back from time to time over my two years of writing for EQN!


Thanks, 2013…It’s Been Emotional…

The last few hours of a fantastic 2013 are upon me, a year that’s seen the release of Wrathful Skies as well as two Everquest Next novellas, plus author appearances at San Diego Comic Con, Las Vegas Comic Con and SOE Live. What’s coming up in 2014? Lots, I hope. As well as hitting various UK shows and book signings and being far more regular in my updates on this website, there will be the final (?) Coralen Larkos story for Everquest Next early in the year, then a Lovecraft-inspired K Department novella around Easter, and hopefully, finally, the Wrathful Skies sequel towards the end of the year…

If I believed in New Year’s resolutions, I’d say my NYR for this year is to be prolific – but as I don’t, I’ll just content myself with saying thanks for coming along on this journey with me, and Happy New Year!