Everquest Next

Only a handful of authors have been selected by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to write tie-in stories for their forthcoming mega-release, EVERQUEST NEXT…and I’m one of them.  Please click on the link to see my first FREE 20,000 word short novel, THE FALL OF BASTION, and also the first story by my writing accomplice and fellow III author, the near-legendary Maxwell Alexander Drake.  The good news is there is more to come from both of us!


Fall of Bastion Mage of the Teir'Dal

12 responses to “Everquest Next

  • lagruell

    The Fall of Bastion was a great read, glad there is more to come!

  • Casey

    I just got done reading the mage of the teir’dal simply amazed with the story. Please keep them coming.

  • Chad

    I want more!! Both stories are excellent. Please tell me I haven’t heard the last of Coralen Larkos and Prince Keramore.

  • Elizabeth Braddock

    What is the status, if you can say, on more stories for EQNext? I am aware you may not be able to answer that, but still I am curious. So I am asking for what you can and willing to say, not for what you shouldn’t.

  • Elizabeth Braddock

    Thank you. When you find out something worth say, I would appreciate being told what you can, however I wont nag you for a response. Its easy to forget something like this after a month or more, sir.

    • robertlassen

      Well – I guess I didn’t need to be too cryptic, given that Daybreak announced the truth to the whole world not long after we exchanged emails. For what it’s worth, I didn’t know that EQ Next was going to be cancelled, but I’d guessed from the lack of new writing contracts and the general silence that it was probably going to be the case. As for what happens next…no idea. I’m hoping that all the EQ Next stories might get published as a collector’s edition one day, but I don’t even know who owns the rights – presumably Daybreak, but whether they are remotely interested in keeping the stories alive when the game itself is dead is anybody’s guess! Thanks for your support over the last couple of years, though. Even if this does turn out to be the end, I had a blast writing for the EQ universe and meeting/chatting with fans has been awesome. Where else would I have got the unique experience of visiting a forum threat devoted entirely to the question “why does Robert Lassen hate dwarves?” For the record, I don’t – and my final unpublished (now sadly likely to remain so) story for SOE had a kick-ass female dwarf as the co-lead…maybe one day that story shall see the light of day!

  • Elizabeth Braddock

    Thank you for your reply, sir. I am sad to see EQNext die also, but considering all the problems SoE had, i didnt have much hope for DBG to succeed.

    Only time will tell what happens.

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