Useful Resources

Imagined Interprises Inc. (  Las Vegas based publisher – small, but ambitious and growing fast.  As well as Wrathful Skies, III have several exciting projects coming up, and are actively seeking good new authors.  I’m very happy with my decision to sign with these guys.  And yes, the misspelling of Enterprises IS deliberate…who would want to be IEI?

You Write On (  This is the site where I started out.  It’s a peer review site – you upload 6-10,000 words of your story, and it’s passed on to complete strangers to give you their honest criticism.  In return, you review the stories of others – but crucially not the same person who reviewed you.  Getting honest feedback on your writing is a constant struggle for aspiring writers, so a free resource like this is invaluable.  Highly recommended.

Other Writers To Check Out

Maxwell Alexander Drake (  Is it going too far to describe this man as my mentor?  Probably not.  Top fantasy writer, but he’s got fingers in every pie – novels, graphic novels, writing classes, even musicals.  One of the best creative writing tutors I’ve ever seen.  If you’re ever at San Diego Comic Con, check out one of his classes – he’s practically an institution there now.

Marion G. Harmon (  This chap absolutely dominates the superhero novel rankings on Amazon.  What’s that?  You didn’t know there were superhero novels out there?  Check out his Wearing the Cape series ( and promise to do better in the future.

J.T. Hartke (  I’ve had the pleasure of working with J.T. before, and I think with book two on the way, The Dragonsoul Saga is shaping up to be a great series.   

Will Mitchell (  Award-winning sci-fi/horror writer who recently signed with a London agent.  Mark my words, this guy is going to be a star.  You heard it here first. 


Lars Grant-West (  Awesomely-accomplished fantasy artist.  Ever wonder who is behind the cover of Wrathful Skies?  Or where that propaganda poster on the site came from?  Visit the website and meet the man, the legend, Lars Grant-West himself.

Josh Lyman (  Fun guy, fun art.  Fancy some super-cool custom superhero art?  Josh is your man.  Tell him Robert Lassen says hi.

Steamcrow (  I’ve loved Daniel and Dawna’s offbeat work since I met them at the Tucson Festival of Books.  If I ever write retro-horror for pre-teens, these are the folks I’ll come to for the cover art!

Buy Fantasy Art (  Want to get hold of a print of awesome artwork by the likes of Lars Grant-West or Jason Engle?  Maybe get it blown up or on canvas?   This site is quickly becoming the internet’s go-to hangout for the work of top artists in the field.

Rob Owen (  If you have an interest in photography and haven’t yet joined 500px, I strongly suggest you do.   It’s what flickr should have been – a showcase of talented photographers, some amateur, but many high-grade professionals.  While flickr has become deluged with poor photos to the point where it’s almost impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff, 500px has maintained extremely high standards.  Rob is not just a superb guy to know, he’s a great photographer.  Over the forthcoming weeks and months, he and I will be collaborating on a fun little project – his photographs, my words.  I’m a great believer in seeking inspiration for writing from images.  Sign up to 500px (it’s free), take a stroll through some of the photography, and see what inspiration strikes.

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