As well as Wrathful Skies, I have a number of other projects in the pipeline. 

Remote. The sequel to Wrathful Skiescurrently slated for a 30 Sept 2014 release.  Keep following the blog for further details once WS hits the shelves.

Poster Boy.  Non-fiction.  The memoirs of Squadron Leader Ian Blair DFM, a wartime Spitfire pilot who was used as the model for the famous “Careless Talk Could Cost His Life” propaganda poster.  His story will form the backbone of a free-ranging look at such things as US/UK attitudes to veterans, the RAF then and now, the air war against the Axis, the passing of the “greatest generation” and my own military service in Iraq.  No release date yet, but hopefully late 2014.

Ongoing Contract with Sony Online Entertainment.  I’m one of a handful of authors writing lore fiction for Everquest Next, a major PC game release for next year.  My stories can be found at  They pay me for them, and then give them to you for free, you lucky sausages…

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