Short Stories

Over time, I’m going to be posting a whole raft of short stories on the site.  Most were written between 1998 and 2004, with one or two more recent ones potentially coming in the future, and a couple from as far back as 1985 (when I was 8 or 9) on their way too.  A couple have been published over the years, but for the most part these are stories I wrote for myself and have only ever shared with family and friends.  I’ve resisted the urge to edit them in any way, so by the time I’ve posted them all, you should be able to work through them in chronological order and hopefully see my development as a writer.


I’ve split them into two categories, humour and serious.  “Humour” doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going for laugh out loud funny – “whimsical” might be a better word for some, but either way, these are light-hearted tales that amused me to write and aren’t meant to be taken seriously.  Similarly, “Serious” doesn’t mean all doom and gloom, nor does it mean great literary ambition – it just means that where there is humour, it is buried deep. And, for one or two of the stories, if you find anything amusing you should probably speak to a psychiatric professional.


I only have two rules when it comes to my short stories.  One – don’t expect any hard and fast categories, genres or consistent themes.  Two – don’t expect them to be just like Wrathful Skies…

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