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“This is more dieselpunk than what I normally review, but this book was excellent enough to warrant inclusion here. World War 2 flying aces who happen to be vampires defend the sky of Great Britain from the Nazis.

The author is part of the RAF himself, and has always loved the airplanes featured in this book. One can tell that the author knows what he’s talking about as he describes the dogfights. Everything that takes place in the sky is brilliant.

On the ground, it is a typical flying ace story, even with the vampiric twist. There’s a guy who doesn’t like the main character, there’s a girl who does, and there’s a lot of flying. Fairly simple, with the sorts of twists one might expect, all done quite well. One might wish for better characterization, or one might just take it as it is and get on with enjoying the story. I picked the latter, because it is quite a gripping story.

I give this four point five gears out of five. If World War 2 isn’t your cup of tea, then this will not be either.  However, if all you want is a well-researched, well-executed story where the good guys win and some Nazis die, this is a marvelous read for you.

Your Correspondent From The Bookstore,

Penny J. Merriweather”

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